What other professional pilots are saying about Mindful Aviator. You're not alone!
“The Mindful Aviator program was extremely helpful to me. Getting to know myself better, the ways I react to situations, changed my way of dealing with challenges in the cockpit as well as in my private life. I truly can recommend Carl‘s program to my fellow pilots.”

– Pilot & Training Instructor, Lufthansa A330/340/350



“After a massive heart attack and the car accident that followed left me with multiple inoperable back/neck injuries and chronic pain, I was being prescribed ever increasing doses of opioid drugs. Carl tried to get me to start meditating for years but the “aging hippy voice” guided meditations didn’t work for me. I reached a point where the drugs were destroying my stomach and were no longer helping with the pain. At the same time, Carl had just finished his first “Pilot Specific” program and invited me to be a Beta test subject. With Carl’s help, the MP3 recordings, a daily meditation practice and a stubborn Irish will, I weaned myself off the massive doses of drugs and haven’t looked back. In spite of the constant pain, I’m happier and more joyful than ever. Thank you for saving my life!”

– Fortune 500 Company VP, Commercial Pilot, Florida



“Three pilots in my family tested Carl’s meditation recordings. All three of us found them very useful in helping with focus and relaxation. Our son is in pilot training, my wife is dealing with an illness, and I’m dealing with the both of them! All three of us felt the program improved our ability to relax and deal with our particular stress and feelings. We still use the techniques today.”

– Two Airline pilot parents and their USAF son, Nevada

“Mindfulness for Airline Pilots is a great program! Thank you very much Carl and Matt!”

– Airline pilot, Denver 

“Thank you Carl. I have to say that your introduction to mindfulness is amazing. It helped change my life. I go back and listen to it all the time as I get something new from it every time. I will be forever grateful to you. Thanks again.”

– Airline pilot, British Columbia 

“I believe that you have done an excellent job with an introductory course into meditation for someone who has never done it before. With most pilots having ‘type A’ personalities, your talks give insight as to how they can apply mindfulness in their careers without making them feel like they are giving into some form of mumbo jumbo. Pilots need to realize that mindfulness is something that can have a profound impact on every aspect of their lives.”

– Airline pilot, Michigan


“I’ve been through Carl’s short program and I’m finding it very useful. I’ll admit I don’t meditate every day, but I do try “checking in” several times a day. I find the practice has allowed me to better cope with the personnel and professional challenges of everyday life. Things that used to send me spinning into stressful rumination don’t have as much impact now and I catch myself more often before reacting on autopilot. Having Carl available to answer questions and explain the practice has been helpful too.”



– Airline pilot, Florida



“When I heard about mindfulness meditation, I was very skeptical. I thought it was a practice for tree huggers and people who lived on berries and twigs, but I’ve since learned it’s nothing like that. I first reached out to Carl Eisen for someone to talk to, as I was experiencing anger issues as well as a stressful/hostile work environment. I was angry much of the time and it was affecting my sleep, my health and my home life. I’d bring home all this pent-up irritation and rant about it throughout the evening.

Then, Carl explained the science that supports mindfulness and how to practice it in a nuts and bolts way that made sense. During our first serious discussion about it, he showed me breathing techniques. Almost immediately, I felt much more relaxed. It was amazing. But I was still skeptical. Carl then gave me the short introductory MP3 series to listen to. I followed the instructions for practicing mindfulness meditation and I can honestly say it’s had a huge positive impact. I have a completely different outlook on stressful situations now. I don’t get caught up in, or play into others drama anymore. I’m much more resilient and when a difficult situation presents itself, I can assess and handle it without becoming angry or making irrational decisions.

Mindfulness has helped save my health and completely change my attitude. My blood pressure is back to normal and things just don’t bother me like before. I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing challenges with concentration and stress.

If it worked for me, it can work for you. It’s amazing how powerful our minds can be over our bodies and how much more relaxed and positive I feel now. I have a long history of battling high blood pressure, but not anymore.

Thanks Carl for introducing me to mindfulness in a way I can relate to, and use to my advantage. “

– Airline pilot, Florida

“Where do I start? I am a 50-year old married woman with one adult child. I am a nurturing person and put others needs/wants first and then tend to stress and worry over the least little thing. My husband has always flown (privately) and I had no interest and to be quite honest, was terrified to fly commercial. Then my husband bought a small plane. I was pretty freaked out about the entire thing…nope, not flying with you, it’s DANGEROUS!! I continued with that mindset for a little while. That is until I met Carl Eisen and began Meditation. I am the poster child for a middle-aged stressed out woman who overcame a fear of flying, and now is working on an IFR rating and can maintain a high demanding full-time job. I have mindfulness meditation to thank for a great deal of my success at this stage of my life.

Carl Eisen introduced me to mindfulness meditation in 2015, on a purely introductory level. I feel my life has changed in such a positive manner since day one. While, to be perfectly honest, I do not meditate as often as I should, I do listen to weekly talks and attempt to use the mindfulness practice on a daily basis. I was honored to be asked to participate in a BETA test group for professional pilots. I myself am only a private pilot, but I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to manage certain situations.

I obtained my PPL in 2016 and my (update here), IFR ticket in Jan. 2019! Who knows what’s next??”

– Business professional and private/instrument pilot, Florida


Passed my upgrade check ride today. I was not even nervous, so relaxed for the whole thing. Thanks for introducing me to mindfulness, it was definitely advantageous in my passing. I’m still really mellowed out. I suppose I should be out celebrating but I’m just so content sitting here. Blood pressure is really low and in my “previous life”, that would have been through the roof.

– Airline Pilot, Massachusetts


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