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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation for Professional Aviators is a short program series of talks for those interested in trying meditation. It’s a great opportunity for crewmembers to “chair fly” a basic sitting practice. Each talk is approximately 10-13 minutes in length and includes basic instruction and guided meditations. If you find this series useful, I suggest you go through it a few times. Then, you may find it valuable to use the “Meditation Timers With Guided Beginning” portion of the recordings (below). You can also proceed to the “Meditation Timers Only” section at any time, if you’re ready to “solo”.

Keep in mind:

“Meditation is the mental equivalent of going to the gym and lifting weights, or learning a new skill like playing tennis. You can read as many books or listen to as many audio recordings as you like but without a personal trainer, progress will be limited and achieving excellence impossible.

As your personal trainer, I can help you optimize your practice to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest time. Each of us is different. We bring different skills to the practice, we have unique challenges and we have different goals. The workout I recommend for a crewmember dealing with stress won’t be the same as the workout to improve SA or resilience”.

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Before beginning the series, I’d like to stress the importance of posture. Our goal in meditation isn’t falling asleep. It’s an exercise in paying attention. If you are interested in learning more about sitting postures, click here.

More Talks

Under the Resources section of this website, there’s a second (free) Ten-part series that’s a bit more detailed. This includes a review of the basics, with the addition of some new practices. 

2nd Ten-part Series

If you’re interested in a full 6-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Situational Awareness and Resilience training program, check out this section of this website.  

Training Courses 

Meditation Timers Only

Meditation Timers without guided meditation. I apologize for the use of bells but I need to use some sort of sound to let you know when the time period starts and finishes. If you don’t want bells, there’s a great meditation app called Insight Timer that has a variety of sounds and guided meditations.

Meditation Timers with Guided Beginning

These guided meditation timers begin with the guided portion of the short series talks followed by silence. A bell will sound at the end of ten minutes. This will be followed by ten more minutes of silence and a second bell. Using this meditation timer system allows users to begin guided and then practice in silence in ten-minute increments up to twenty minutes.

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