The programs and instruction being made available by Mindful Aviator are free for aviation professionals all over the world. Simply enter your airline code or the code of the airport where you are based. No personal information required! If you are not an aviation professional, I suggest the free introductory program under the resources section, audio recordings and non-pilot local community.

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    Mindful Aviator is not a medical or clinical mental health resource. It is an organization dedicated to making Mindfulness and Meditation practice available in a secular, no-nonsense and useful way for professional pilots. When practiced regularly, Mindfulness and Meditation can help crewmembers reduce stress, improve situational awareness and resilience. It is not a “Cure” for mental illness, anxiety disorders, depression, addiction and so forth. While it is often used in conjunction with traditional treatments and interventions, it is not intended to replace them.

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    Gord Stevens

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    Gord mismanaged stress when he was younger, including through his early commercial flying life. This brought about general anxiety and emotional turmoil for him, and he suffered. Through a caring recommendation in 2007, Gord discovered mindfulness awareness practices (MAPs) and techniques. Gradually he has been redefining his life through exploring and adopting MAPs, and he is driven toward exploring self-awareness as it contributes to situational awareness and resilience. He incorporates all of this into his work in flight simulators, in classrooms, and in the cockpits of commercial airplanes.

    Gord joined Mindful Aviator early in 2020 as Director of Communications and Online Coaching.  He offers individual and group training in Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPS), consultations, industry support and group speaking engagements. To see when Gord’s next online class begins, click here.



    Click the links below to listen to podcast interviews with Gord and Cardinal Aviation.

    Gord and Carl host Mindfulness Workshop, Women in Aviation International convention Orlando 2020

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