Confidentiality Guarantee

Everything on this site is designed to protect your privacy. There is no tracking or recording of information and if you prefer, I don’t even need to know your name. I only ask for your home base or airline code (to access the free recordings) so I can measure interest level and identify potential “problem” airlines. The most we may require from you is an email address if you register for one of our programs. Contact information from all programs or one-on-one consultations will never be shared. This confidentiality cannot extend beyond the control of our website. Your personal computer, device, spyware, browser and user history are your own responsibility.

As an airline pilot myself, I fully understand the need for privacy and discretion around any subject that might be misperceived as a sign of weakness on the part of a crewmember. Unfortunately, our employers, the FAA, and sometimes even our unions don’t always offer reasonable answers to simple questions about stress management without labeling us as mentally defective or even putting our career at risk.

If you’re concerned about the reporting requirements around crewmember mental health issues, I recommend you check out the Lift Affect website at for a more complete picture. For my thoughts on confidentiality and disclosure, see the To self-disclose or not, the difficult conversation article in our library.

Just to be clear, if you simply chose to practice Mindfulness and Meditation then there is no reporting requirement.

Just because I’m willing to speak publicly about crewmember “wellness” and my own experience with stress doesn’t mean that you need to. In fact, the reason I offer basic introductory material on my website for free is so that you can check it out, on your own, privately without anyone (including me) ever knowing!

If you find that the free programs and practices are helpful, contact me for a free consultation or consider our more in depth programs.

At Mindful Aviator, your confidentiality is guaranteed.

You have our word on that!

Capt. Carl Eisen, founder of Mindful Aviator

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